The Facts


Appalachian Roots is a coalition of eastern Kentuckians promoting native and small scale agriculture as a basis for improved health, wellness and economic development through education and outreach.

Appalachian Roots is committed to bettering the health of our mountain citizens through promoting agriculture in its most effective form -- the backyard garden and/or community gardens. Simple enough, you say? No, in fact, changing the mindset of a populace that has become accustomed to mass-produced processed food and fast food dining, is a very difficult endeavor.

Sustainable agriculture produces food without depleting the earth's resources or polluting the environment. Appalachian Roots relies on community involvement to further the food movement that is growing in the Big Sandy region. Community is all about people, caring for one another, sharing our resources, respecting our heritage, and working together for the common good.

Agriculture is not limited to digging in the dirt. As one local entrepreneur says, "Maple syrup producers are farmers, too." Appalachian Roots encourages and promotes such groups as the Kentucky Maple Syrup Association and the Beekeepers Association.

To paraphrase the Future Farmers of America's creed, "Appalachian Roots believes in the future of farming with a faith not born of words but of deeds."



Appalachian Roots PO Box 1762 Prestonsburg KY 41653