Local Foods Assessment

What is a Local Foods Assessment?

A Local Foods Assessment is a collaborative and participatory process that systematically examines a broad range of community food issues and assets, so as to inform change actions to make the community more food secure.

Our Local Foods Assessment is comprised of four work groups.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the appropriate chair:


  • Community and household demographics
  • Identifying incidences of hunger and food insecurity
  • Incidences of diet related illnesses and the resulting mortality and costs
  • Labor statistics

Chaired by Bonnie Hale (bonniehale8968@hotmail.com)


  • Local agriculture (who has land, who is producing, what are they producing, equipment)
  • Local employment and sales (who is buying, where is it coming from)
  • Community food assets (grocery stores, processing facilities, gardens)

Chaired by Todd Howard (jtoddhoward@gmail.com)

Community Outreach

  • Media
  • Recruiting new participants
  • Educating the public on agriculture and food issues

Chaired by Kathy Curtis (growappal@hotmail.com)

Resource Group

  • Community based organizations in food and nutrition issues
  • Policy makers
  • Governmental groups

Chaired by Denise Thomas (denise.thomas@bigsandy.org)