Heirloom Seeds

Our Goal:

The Seed Bank’s goal is to collect not only local heirloom seeds but also the stories associated with them. We are looking for people who have heirloom seeds and stories to share with us and to help preserve not only the seeds but the stories that go with them.

Sharing with the community

Appalachian families have always passed down seeds and stories. One bean came over the mountains from Virginia in the 1700’s and another journeyed up the Ohio on steamboats. There is the tomato seed from Russia that was a great-great-grandmother’s wedding gift or the corn seed that was found in a cigar box in the old barn. These are true heirlooms-things of great worth handed down from mother to daughter, father to son for generations. They, both the seeds and the stories that go with them are too precious to lose.

We want to start by sharing those seeds and stories with our local communities. We want to preserve and maintain them for future generations.

Might you be interested?

Want to Grow Heirloom Seeds?: We are looking for people who would be willing to grow and preserve other’s unique seeds in their gardens.

Economic Development: Our hopes are that in the near future we will be able to share these precious seeds and stories, with people outside our area. We look to the day when we will be able to package and sell what we have taken time to preserve for future generations.

Sr. Kathleen Weigand
Phone: 606-886-2511