Friends of the Market

Floyd County, Kentucky is blessed to have an active farmers market in Prestonsburg. The Floyd County Farmers Market is small but growing, bringing in around $23,000 in the 13 week 2012 season. That is thirteen four-hour sale days! Of course, each one of those days had several hours of work behind it for the farmer.

Not only does the farmer have to harvest, clean and package the produce they plan on selling at the market that day, they also have to set up their table, display the produce effectively, put out signage, work the table all day, pack up what wasn’t sold, break down the display and table, pick up the signage, take the produce that wasn’t sold home and figure out what to do with it.

Add up all those hours and the profit goes way down. And so does the incentive to sell at the Farmer’s Market.

But what if the producer had some help doing some of those chores? That’s where the Friends of the Market come in. We are volunteers that want the Floyd County Farmer’s Market to succeed because we like the idea of buying fresh locally grown food and are willing to put some of our own time into making sure the Farmer’s Market is profitable.

Who are “Friends of the Market?” Here is an excerpt from the Farmers Market Manager Training Manual issued by the Farmers Market Federation of NY:

Friends organizations are generally membership based. The members are drawn from the consumer base of the market, as well as the surrounding community. Members all share a common passion for the market, their love for fresh local food, and a desire to protect local agriculture. Being a part of the market through the Friends of the Market organization gives them a way to express their passion. Their involvement can take many forms – from giving a cash donation, volunteering during market hours, participating in an advisory committee, or helping to promote the market within the community.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of?

If so, please contact Sister KC for more information and for our next meeting date

Sister Kathy Curtis
Phone, Daytime: (606) 886-2513
Phone, Evening: (606) 886-9624