Special Product Offering: Sweetgrass Granola

OnĀ June 15, farmer Todd Howard will be bringing a special treat to the Floyd County Farmers Market — Sweetgrass Granola.
Sweetgrass Granola is unlike any granola you’ve ever tried. For starters, Jacob and Carolyn Gahn, the creators of Sweetgrass, hand-bake their product, using only unrefined sorghum and Kentucky wildflower honey to sweeten it. The Gahns are committed to using natural, organic ingredients in their product, handcrafted from local farms, so each package comes packed with whole rolled oats, puffed rice and millet, raisins, walnuts, coconut and more.
But most importantly, Sweetgrass Granola is simple and delicious, or maybe just simply delicious. Todd swears by it!
– Ralph B. Davis